In our contracted hospitals’ gynecology and obstetrics departments, by helping many families have children and become happy, we make efforts for healthy generations. The diagnosis and treatment services are provided under the supervision of gynecologists.

In gynecology and obstetrics departments; the services in numerous fields such as women’s general health, menostasis-osteoporosis, pregnancy tracking, high risk pregnancy tracking, assisted reproductive techniques and vulvar cancers are provided.

Also, our department provides pregnancy preparation courses and training seminars for parents which are given by specialists and trainers. In our seminars, we aim at giving exact informations and inspiring them, with the help of visual materials such as videos, slides and models.

The Diseases which can be Diagnosed and Treated:

  • Obstetrics / High Risk Pregnancy (Diagnosis, Treatment and Tracking) / Gynecological Problems / Gynecologic Oncology Problems / Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Diagnosis and Treatment Services during Pregnancy:

  • Advanced Ultrasound Investigation / Chorionic Villus Sampling (taking sample from placenta) / Amniocenteses (taking sample from amniotic fluid) / Cordocentesis (taking sample from umbilical cord) / Advanced Fetal Interferences (fetal blood transfusion, the exchange of fluid, other fetal biopsies) / High Risk Evaluation in Double, Triple, Quad Tests that are Made for Screening Down Syndrome

Obstetric Operations:

  • Cervical Cerclage to Prevent Preterm Birth and Miscarriages / Emergency Cervical Cerclage / Normal Vaginal Delivery (labor analgesia and reducing the pain if needed) / Indolent Vaginal Delivery (with epidural anesthesia) / Abdominal Delivery (spinal, epidural and general anesthesia)

Specific Service Areas:

  • High Risk Pregnancy Tracking / Fetal Interferences and Treatment / Laparoscopic-Hysteroscopic Surgical Interventions / Robotic Surgery