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Hair Transplation

Send us a photo of the hairless part of your head and we will give you hair transplation price in 15 minutes.


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Patient Oriented Services

Budget-Friendly Solutions
Grado Health, by acting as a bridge between healthcare organizations, which are equipped with full-fledged high technology and globally known doctors, and the patients, provides finest quality services with best fit prices to the patients.

Online Evaluation
If a person, who is a citizen of any country and who wants to take a health care service in Turkey, fills the form in our website by sending us the information and documents (tests, medical reports, etc.) explaining his/her health problem; the case of the patients will be evaluated by our doctors, each of whom are experts in his/her fields, and the evaluations will be delivered to the patient within the shortest time.

Price Research
Grado Health, by researching the prices of contracted hospitals, provides it to the confirmation of the patient.

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